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Examples from my first day after the elections.

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The news telling that really sick people will have to start pay dearly for their medicines and at the same time they are offered to pay it with visa. 


A woman, who was many times in the protests in 2008/09, and who has finical problems today, she can not make ends meet, said that she is expecting a fat sum in her bank account this summer from the new government, because they promised so.  


An elderly man, that I met, told me I should not try to rock the boat again." Vote for The Independent party, and everything will be taking care of for us, you and me. I have always voted for them and they are my church. This is my message to you,"  he said. 


And then I got this message on Facebook: 


29 04 -2013 – 17:16

Hello Hörður.


I have taken a long time to send you this message. Following the banking crisis you appointed yourself as advocate for better Iceland. You started protests and got to be with you vulnerable people who I respect but also the filth in our society who were ready to stone the police who had done nothing wrong. I never saw you in the company of those who those lined themselves up as a protecting shield

in front the police.


When you started two biggest political parties in the country with majority in the parliament, i.o.w  they had a mandate to benefit the majority of the nation's economic recovery efforts. You and yours put from power, and now you can assess whether it has been beneficial for the Icelandic nation. I think that your enterprise has cost the nation, including me, hundreds of billions, and I will certainly meet you and justify further if you feel it serves the purpose.


Now the nation has voted and the outcome must be burdensome to you and yours alike. Results include a requirement that you and yours keep yourself to yourself and leave duly elected parliamentarians to do their jobs and lead us into the future.


May I ask that you do not step back up to the ramp and pretend once again to speak for the nation in an attempt to oust out the duly elected government. You've never spoken in my behalf, and will never. I feel I can argue that you became arrogant because of the discussion that you received during this difficult time in our history as a  curse to the rest of us.


I can finally give you a praise for different aspects. Your contribution in favor of rights for homosexuals will never be enough praised and your fine music has made many happy.


With kindness and respect.