• 08. júní - 14:05 Hausttónleikar 2016 í Borgarleikhúsinu 4 september.

     Hausttónleika í Borgarleikhúsinu 4 september 2016

  • 08. júní - 14:01 Allar plöturnar mínar. All my CD´s.

    Allar plöturnar mínar. All my CD´s.

  • 07. Sep - 10:05 Hausttónleikar 2015

    Tónleikar 2015.

    Það er komið á hreint að ég mun 

    halda tónleika á ný, eftir 2 ára fjarveru


  • 15. Mar - 14:39 My dear friends in Dublin says NO.

    Reykjavík March 14th 2015.

    A speech made on mybehalf in Dublin on March 15th 2015.  

    Why do we become activist?

         My dear friends in Ireland. My dear friends in Dublin says NO. I have learned that you have been protesting for two years and that calls for a celebration and some moments to reflect upon what you are doing and what you have gained and where you are heading.

        Sharing our experiences and learning from one another must be a positive move for gaining insights to what appears inappropriate policy or process or attitude. We should never accept unjust deeds, actions or ideas that destroys or diminish the quality of our life. Interpersonal communication is a key to knowledge sharing and understanding improvement.  A cynic might say that this world will never be just, but in my view, we must do our best to make it so. And to me you people are a good living example of such attitude.

       And my friends congratulations with your results.    

       I never planned to become an activists, never and I am quite...

  • 01. Oct - 17:20 My speech on Gay Pride in Reykjavík 2014

    My speech on Gay Pride in Reykjavík.
    Saturday August 9th, 2014

    The walk of joy.

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step said the Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu1500 years ago.

    At this time of the year, 39 years ago, I started a walk, a difficult walk, as some called it, and more than half the nation kept an eye on me. I was alone when I set off and all I had to support myself with was a conviction and commitment to change unjust situation for the better. Be myself and not something that others insisted that I was. I was then and I am still gay and I am very satisfied with being so.

    Most of my fellow country man stood afar, and looked at me critically and shouted to me that this and that was not allowed and would not be ...